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Children Bilingual Books/Pictures Books-Bilingual Pictures Books/Vietnam Early History

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From 2876 BC to 258 BC two ethnic tribes of the Lac Viet and Au Viet lived together in many areas with other inhabitants. Due to the increasing need to control floods, fight against invaders, and exchange culture and economy, these tribes living near each other tended to gather together and integrate into a larger mixed group. The leader of Lac Viet joined all the tribes together to found Van Lang Nation, addressing himself as King Hung. The next generations followed in their father’s footsteps and kept this appellation. Based on historical documents, researchers correlatively delineated the location of Van Lang Nation to the present day regions of North and north of Central Vietnam, as well as the south of present-day Kwangsi (China). The Van Lang Nation approximately lasted from the beginning of the first millennium B.C. to the 3rd century B.C.
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I have been looking for the Vietnamese bilingual/bi-cultural books for children in the United States, but could not find a good source. Most of the books I found in the bookstore and libraries are oudated with modified content and poor quality illustration (the vietnamese characters in the books have Chinese, or Japanese figures, they don't even wear the correct vietnamese outfits).

This books collection came from Vietnam. They are good quality books with authentic content, beautiful pictures, and reliable translations. They are the great books for ESL/bilingual teachers, parents and all children. I hope that this collection become a new interesting reading materials to Vietnamese parents, parents of Vietnamese children, and Bilingual educators.

The theme of this collection is: Introduction to Vietnamese culture for elementary children. We are working with many public libraries and school districts. These books are used in their communities.

These folk tales books are great for reading and learning about the Vietnamese culture and tradition. The picture dictionaries, posters, and puzzles are great for teaching Vietnamese (entry levels) especially for children.

The new collection of bilingual books, the timeless stories from Brothers Grimm, Famous Fairy Tales and Aesop's Fables, is for everybody who enjoys, and embraces the pure joy of reading in English and Vietnamese. Parents who grew up with these stories will love to enjoy them again with their children.

Reading to your children is a loving tradition. You can make these books become a cultural part of your family. Reading together everyday is the great way to learn, to bond, and to love with your children. These books are great for both parents and children!

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